A leading Worcestershire estate agent has become a podcast star after crossing the pond to appear alongside an industry guru.

Matt Nicol, founder and managing director of Nicol & Co, which has offices in Droitwich, Malvern and Worcester, travelled 4,240 miles to connect with Tom Ferry, a US real estate titan.

Mr Nicol was not only a guest at the Elite Retreat networking seminar in Orlando, Florida; he was also invited onto Ferry's widely viewed YouTube podcast.


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Alongside experienced Florida real estate agent, Kirk Kessel, he discussed the nuances between the US and European property markets.

Mr Nicol said: "It was my second time attending the Elite Retreat, which gives a different perspective on things.

"It’s a great way to learn from the way US real estate operates and how it markets itself."

“It’s part of my continual effort to push my business on and take Nicol & Co to that next level, learning from some of the best in the industry to ensure our vendors and buyers are given a better chance of success.”

He added: “I really value the advice that Tom Ferry provides and work with one of his coaches, Sandra Hendrix, so it was a huge honour for me to be invited onto Tom’s podcast.”

Ferry’s popular podcast has a subscriber base upwards of half a million, with guests sharing their insights about the real estate sector and strategies for business expansion.

In reflection, Mr Nicol said: "“One of the ideas I’ve previously brought home was the Big Worcestershire Garage Sale, a community event that attracted hundreds of people to hold garage sales at 45 streets across the county last summer.

“But it also provides inspiration to make us a better, more successful, business and to ensure we go the extra mile – or few thousand – to make sure we are continually evolving our approach to ensure we are providing the best for our clients.”

Ferry said: "It is important to look at the UK market versus ours here in America.

“We were interested in how the markets are different but also how the industry works in the UK.”