A MALVERN man has hit out at a gang of "totally mindless" youths who have damaged an allotment that is the community's  "pride and joy".

David Goodwin has an allotment on Goodwood Road that has been a victim to repeated vandalism and criminal damage following a spate of break ins.

Mr Goodwin and his wife, Carol, have tried in vain to improve the security of the site to prevent youths accessing the allotment but their requests have yet to be taken seriously.

Door locks have been repeatedly broken and shed doors and door hinges ripped off, with the youths accessing the allotment at night time and during the day.

Worcester News: Evidence of the door hinges having been ripped offEvidence of the door hinges having been ripped off (Image: David Goodwin)

"We have been out there for over 20 years and on half a dozen or so occasions there has been a spate of break ins," said Mr Goodwin.

"The first time happened over a month ago where I installed CCTV cameras that captured a large group of youths carrying chairs around the allotment.

"They have walked on the soil, which is not doing it any good. Door hinges have been repositioned but then ripped off again.

"The door is not locked. There is a bolt at the top of one door and they can just slide on in. A dozen sheds have been broken into - they're totally mindless."

Mr Goodwin has contacted Malvern Town Council, which operates the site, to improve the allotments' security but said he had no response.

Worcester News: CCTV captured the youths carrying chairs into the allotment that were left abandonedCCTV captured the youths carrying chairs into the allotment that were left abandoned (Image: David Goodwin)

"We have for a long time tried to get the council to do something about security," he said.

"We had spikes put at the top of the gate but a community police officer demonstrated how easy it was to climb over the fence.

"They locked the door to the polytunnel and my wife couldn't get in. She asked them to leave and the door was ripped from its hinges the following night."

Mrs Goodwin, who has twice won the best allotment competition for Malvern, has been left "in tears" and constantly "fretting about it".

Despite putting chains and new padlocks on the doors, Mr Goodwin said they keep disappearing and they are now in the process of buying a digital keypad.

Cllr Jude Green, of Malvern Town Council, said: "I received an email from Mr Goodwin yesterday afternoon (March 27) in which he highlighted the security issues at the Goodwood Rd allotments.

"I've been in contact with the town clerk and the operations manager about this and I understand that they, along with the allotment officer, are trying to arrange a meeting with the local police as a matter of urgency to discuss what can be done to increase security at the site.

"I've also asked the Operations team to assess the gates to see if anything can be done there, again as a matter of urgency.