It was only a few years ago when I tried my first ever Lindt bunny after my cousin bought me one for Easter, and it was a groundbreaking moment.

I know they are not the cheapest chocolate to buy but I totally understand the hype – I crave them far too often and that’s saying something considering I have more of a savoury tooth.

But when it comes to this time of year when Easter is just around the corner, it can be tempting to go overboard on buying Lindt chocolate, which although is the best kind (in my opinion), isn’t the most bank account-friendly purchase.

So when I spotted the Aldi chocolate bunnies which launched in-store recently at a fraction of the cost, I had to see how they compared.

Priced at £1.49, the supermarket’s Specially Selected Chocolate Bunny (100g) is now 68% cheaper than the Lindt version (£3.75, 125g).

But do they taste just as luxurious and creamy?

Aldi must have figured out Lindt’s secret recipe

To make my taste test fair, I decided to try Aldi’s bunnies first before eating any Lindt so I felt like I had a cleansed palette (if that’s a thing). I managed to get my hands on milk chocolate, white chocolate and hazelnut flavours.

Before I even snapped off a rabbit ear, I noticed how cute the foil wrappers were and instead of a bell threaded on some ribbon around their neck, Aldi’s version had what looked like an embossed bunny medal attached to coloured bows – an adorable little twist.

Worcester News: What's your favourite chocolate bunny flavour?What's your favourite chocolate bunny flavour? (Image: Newsquest)

When I started nibbling into the milk bunny from Aldi, I immediately found the chocolate to be slightly thinner than Lindt and not in a bad way.

Due to this, it made the chocolate less sickly which I was a fan of – the same applied to the white and hazelnut bunnies too.

I particularly preferred this to the Lindt white chocolate bunny I have tried in the past because I find it can be too sweet for me.

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Worcester News: You won't regret buying these chocolate bunnies from AldiYou won't regret buying these chocolate bunnies from Aldi (Image: Newsquest)

Meanwhile, the hazelnuts in the chocolate rabbit were very finely chopped and although you could visibly see them, there was no way they were going to break my newly fitted tooth crown (a huge relief for me). Plus, they were evenly distributed all over.

But it’s the chocolate flavour and texture that I want to shout about the most.

I’m not sure how they have done it, but Aldi may have worked out Lindt’s secret recipe.

Because every bunny had a hint of the iconic, creamy taste and velvety texture.

Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t 100% the same but right from the first mouthful I was a little bit mind-blown, as I’ve never tasted any other chocolate that reminded me of Lindt so much.

So there we have it, if you are addicted to Lindt but get put off by the price, Aldi might just save you this Easter with their Specially Selected Chocolate Bunnies.