IT was a "phenomenally busy" day for city businesses during Queen Camilla's visit which was labelled "great for Worcester".

The Faithful City felt the benefits of having royalty visit Worcester Cathedral today (Thursday) as there was a surge in visitors heading into the city's High Street. 

Hundreds of people arrived outside Worcester Cathedral to catch a glimpse of Queen Camilla who was visiting the city as part of the Royal Maundy Thursday service.

Owner of Script Haven Leena Batchelor said her bookshop has been phenomenally busy with people coming into shelter from the rain and sharing stories of the Queen's visit.

Worcester News: The owner of Script Haven, Leena Batchelor.The owner of Script Haven, Leena Batchelor. (Image: NQ)"It has been absolutely phenomenal," she said.

"We opened at 8.30am this morning, and now it is 12pm, and this is the first time I've managed to draw breath.  

"I suspect we are going to continue to be busy throughout the day.

"Regardless of your views on the monarchy, this is great for Worcester.

"It highlights Worcester, puts it on the map and that this is the place to be.

"If it brings people into the city to appreciate the stuff we do all year round, I welcome the visit." 

Yeu Yeu, owner of Ping An Oriental, said it has been really busy in Worcester despite the rain. 

She added her business had not seen an increase in footfall, but she can imagine others who have felt the benefits of the Queen's visit.

One store that had a front-row seat during the visit was the Bygones of Worcester, which had decorated its windows with a "royal theme."

Owner Gabrielle Bullock officially opened the city store with her father the same day the Late Queen Elizabeth II visited the Faithful City in the 1980s.

She found the Queen Consort visiting today to be great for business. 

"It is national, maybe even international news, because of the Queen's coming and the King's speech, which was broadcast.

"It gave more attention to the Royal Maundy Service than we usually have.

"We had so many visitors here, and people love Worcester - it's extraordinary.

"I have already had lots of people over the county call the shop because they saw us on the news earlier today.

"We are hoping it will make the store a lot busier."