HISTORIC Hartlebury Castle had a leading role setting the scene for Worcester Operatic and Dramatic Society’s (WODS) promo shoot for Me and My Girl, write Rebecca Price and Melissa Goldney.

The castle was reimagined to be the fictitious Hareford Hall in Hampshire which features as the stately home from the classic 1930s musical due to be staged by WODS in April at Worcester’s Swan Theatre.

As the cast posed around the castle grounds donning their best smiles for some fabulous pictures the sun most definitely had its hat on.

Dan Hooper put his best foot forward as he stepped into his character Bill, the newly-appointed and somewhat reluctant new earl.

He was spotted leaning on a lamppost in his royal attire while the aristocrats looked on in bewilderment.

Sally, played by Al Linforth, and Bill’s long-suffering girlfriend, looked on longingly for Bill’s attention only to be pushed aside by the sassy Lady Jaqueline (Lynsey Beckley) whose ulterior motive to steal Bill (and his inheritance) was plain to see!

The rest of the family took a tour around the castle admiring the beautiful portraits on display at Hartlebury, some of which sprang to life, similarly to the ancestors in Me and My Girl (not one to be missed) and there was even time for a spot of tea!

In the end, Bill couldn’t forget his East London roots and a classic rendition of ‘The Lambeth Walk’ was in order for all to enjoy (yes, even the aristocrats!).

‘So any time you’re down Lambeth Way’ ‘Any evening any day’ ‘You’ll find us all (between April 16-20)’ ‘Doing the Lambeth Walk (at the Swan Theatre) Oi!’ Many thanks to the wonderful team at Hartlebury Castle for allowing us to use their venue.

Tickets are now on sale for Me and My Girl and can be purchased via Huntingdon Hall’s box office or online through Worcester Theatres. Call 01905 611427.