HUNDREDS watched a dramatic retelling of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ in the city centre.

Despite the odd rain shower, a large audience enjoyed Worcester Passion Play in Cathedral Square this morning (March 29).

It was the third performance in as many years and despite having sunshine in the previous two years - rain held off for the most part with only a light shower for around ten minutes. 

Before the start of the show, volunteers joked saying "I hope it doesn't fall apart" and "I hope we don't all get wet" after bad weather made it difficult to set up.

A new Jesus took to the stage this year, performed by Jake Drake, alongside countless other volunteers.

The play was a retelling of the Easter story starting with Jesus helping a child to walk and cleansing a leper before being persecuted and nailed to the cross along with two other criminals. 

It then ended with Jesus rising from the dead, comforting his mother, Mary, and his disciples. 

People came from across Worcester, and neighbouring counties to watch the spectacle.

Worcester News: Robert and Rachel LindsayRobert and Rachel Lindsay (Image: Daniel Kelly)

Robert Lindsay and Rachel Lindsay came all the way from Gloucester to watch and support friends who were performing in the show. 

Mr Lindsay said: "It was a really good show. 

"It was a complete story, what a way to start the Easter weekend."

Worcester News: Jean and Bob Fraser with Peter (Disciple)Jean and Bob Fraser with Peter (Disciple) (Image: Daniel Kelly)

Jean Fraser and Bob Fraser, from Worcester, came as part of a group from St Peter's Baptist Church. 

Mrs Fraser said: "It was very moving and very realistic. 

"Overall we were very impressed and we are glad that it didn't rain too much."

Worcester News: John and Mark Ramsey John and Mark Ramsey (Image: Daniel Kelly)

John, Fiona and Mark Ramsey came as a family to watch the performance after recently moving to Worcester. 

Mr Ramsey said: "We all really enjoyed the experience, it was better than we expected."

At the end of the show, director Tony Crow said: "Jesus Christ founded his empire upon love and at this hour, millions of men and women would die for him.

"Some people have suggested that maybe portraying the passion of Jesus Christ like this is in some way antisemitic. 

"I would say Jesus was a jew, all his disciples were jews, it was the Romans who actually strung Jesus up on the cross. 

"We all, as mankind crucified him. 

"In Christ, there is no jew, no male, female, slave or master, we are all one before the living God in Jesus Christ.

"Thank you for coming along this morning and praise God for some bright weather for much of it and thank you for supporting this event."