A PUB in Worcestershire has been forced to close for the foreseeable future after a failed pump problem has left it flooded.

The Swan Hotel pub in Upton-Upon-Severn was left deep in five to six inches of water this morning (Saturday) due to a pump issue.

The incident happened at around 6:37am along the waterside by the River Severn.

The landlord said he had contacted Severn Trent on Friday evening but there was no response.

"Disappointed is not the word. Due to pump not being set up, we have flooded, will be closed for the foreseeable," the pub posted on its Facebook page.

Luke Sturman, landlord at The Swan Hotel, blamed a "catalogue of errors" by Severn Trent for the situation.

Worcester News: The pub is submerged in five to six inches of waterThe pub is submerged in five to six inches of water (Image: Luke Sturman)

"The flooding reached the site at around 6:37am this morning," he said.

"It has been down to a catalogue of errors, we called Severn Trent about this warning that something like this could happen but we had no response.

"We contacted Martin Allen from the council as well. The water has reached the pub and I am currently standing in five to six inches of water."

Mr Sturman said that while Severn Trent eventually arrived this morning, they did not bring the right equipment to resolve the flooding.

"We are now closed for the foreseeable future until Severn Trent can get their act together," he said.

"There is no timeframe on when we will reopen as we need a proper clean up operation.

"We can't act on it right away - it's a vicious cycle."

The flooding comes during one of the busiest weekends for eateries during the Easter break that Mr Sturman admits will have an affect.

Worcester News: Landlord Luke Sturman said the pub would be closed for the foreseeable futureLandlord Luke Sturman said the pub would be closed for the foreseeable future (Image: Martin Allen)

"Yesterday (Friday) we were well supported by the community on one of our busiest nights.

"We are close to losing a substantial sum because of this. Staff will lose hours as well so it both the business and livelihoods are affected." 

Cllr Martin Allen, of Worcestershire County Council, said: "I contacted Highways who got in touch with the Environment Agency and Severn Trent last night about the problem.

"I dashed out as neither had turned up. One to two pumps were out and had not been put in Severn Trent and the other wasn't working. 

"It reason appears to be the pump wasn't working as it has been cut.

"The water is finally draining away but the pub will lose £1500 of trade plus other costs."