A RETIRING record salesman from Worcester says customers have offered to run the shop for him following his decision to retire.

Nick Banks, a Worcester resident for all of his life, has run Market Hall Records at The Shambles in Worcester for a little over three decades.

Having enjoyed a long run in the business, Mr Banks has decided now is the right time to step away from running the shop and enjoy the next stage in his life.

"I have been in here 30 years actually last year, but it's time to move on," he said.

"I still enjoy it but you have to move on at some point. I've enjoyed it but it's time to do other stuff really."

Mr Banks, aged 66, admits he has sold "quite a lot of albums" during the last 30 years, although he cannot put an estimate on how many.

Worcester News: Mr Bank said while he still enjoys the job, it is time to move onMr Bank said while he still enjoys the job, it is time to move on (Image: NQ)

"I can't really remember the most expensive album I have sold, it was probably an obscure progressive rock album or something."

While Mr Banks can recall Sex Pistol guitarist Glen Matlock "popping in once", he admits he is "hopeless at recognising people".

The shop has seen a boost in sales of vinyl records recently, something Mr Banks has noticed a growth in popularity among customers.

"It's become trendy again," he said.

"You get a lot university students buying them, it's come around again. People are saying it's popular and it's really taken off the last few years."

Mr Banks says he has "no plans at all" for his impending retirement, although holidays will definitely be on the radar.

Worcester News: Market Hall Records has been at The Shambles in Worcester for 30 yearsMarket Hall Records has been at The Shambles in Worcester for 30 years (Image: NQ)

"A lot of walking with the wife. I've run the shop alone but Kaz has helped me run it occasionally. 

"I don't know what all the fuss is about! The whole point of retiring is to do nothing.

"Quite a few customers have said that they will miss me. Some have even offered to run the shop for me!

"They are really nice, they have become more than friends.

"One customer said he had been coming here for 25 years. He remembered the first album he bought here, he said he was only a little lad when he came here with his dad for the first time.

"A lot come back again, we've had a lot of regular customers over the years."