MYSTERY surrounds a village "eyesore" after approximately scores of trees were chopped down.

Residents in the Holt Fleet were surprised after around 75 meters of trees were removed from a country lane with no warning.

The road, Holt Fleet Lane, had a canopy of trees running along the countryside lane on the River Severn's bank.

Now residents fear that wildlife and birds will have been displaced after the canopy of trees were removed.

Worcester News: The trees on Holt Fleet Road before being chopped down.The trees on Holt Fleet Road before being chopped down. (Image: Rob Horton)Bizarrely, Worcestershire County Council said it was not aware of the incident.

Rob Horton's family has lived in the Holt Fleet since 1915 and he said the trees have been there for as long as he can remember.

"Someone has cut down the trees by the river," he said.

"Our family has lived here since 1915, and I have lived here for about 25 years, and there have always been trees by the side of the road.

"I came back from work and they were all gone.

"The number of trees that have been cut down shows that it cannot just be a random person cutting down 75 meters of trees.

"It will affect the wildlife and the birds - it's an eyesore."

Worcester News: EYESORE: The trees on Holt Fleet Road after being chopped down.EYESORE: The trees on Holt Fleet Road after being chopped down. (Image: Rob Horton)It has also raised concerns that now that the trees have gone, flooding in the area could cause greater damage.

Mr Horton added: "It's okay to prune them. You cannot just get rid of the tree from the roots.

"The trees are four meters away from the river, and now the roots have been pulled, which supports the river bank.

"The trees absorbed and drank a lot of the water.

"The absorption didn't stop the flooding, but what would this do to the river bank as the roots kept it together?

"So when it floods, it will wash away the river bank.

"I am concerned. I do not know why they took the trees away."

Worcester News has contacted the Canal and River Trust to see if it was responsible for chopping down the trees but have not yet received a response.