A new survey has been launched across the county in efforts to improve advocacy support.

Residents are being urged to share their insights and experiences, which Worcestershire County Council says it will use to help develop its advocacy service in future.

An 'advocate' is defined as someone who "offers independent support to make sure a person’s views, rights and wishes are considered when decisions are being made relating to their care, living arrangements and medical treatment".


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Mark Fitton, the strategic director of people at the council, said: "The advocacy survey is just our starting point.

"We need to hear your views and experiences, as well as gather feedback on any barriers in making decisions about your, or your loved ones care and support."

Currently, the advocacy service provided independently by Onside covers various areas, such as advocating rights under the Care Act and providing support for decision-making regarding health, social care, and legalities.

It also includes mental health treatment and advocacy for those detained in police custody.

The council has urged people to give their thoughts on how support being offered to them and others in the community can be improved.

Residents can participate in the survey at https://online1.snapsurveys.com/AdvocacySU2024 until 9am on Monday, April 22.