A TOP organist is to perform at Pershore Abbey this weekend to commemorate George Dowty. 

The performance will commemorate the life of Mr Dowty, and include an hours worth of organ music by world renowned organist, Simon Bell. 

Mr Dowty was born in Pershore in 1901 and went to the Royal Grammar School Worcester, before losing his right eye at 12 years old. 

He then went on to found Dowty Aviation in the 1930s, following a stretch at the Gloucester Aircraft Company, a world class engineering company, making aerospace components among other things. 

The Second World War had a significant expanding effect upon his business, with Mr Dowty contributing to the Lancaster aircraft. 

For this he was then knighted in 1956.

He died in 1975.

Worcester News: George and Edward Dowty's Headstone (Pershore Abbey)George and Edward Dowty's Headstone (Pershore Abbey) (Image: Martin Robbins)

Sir George's twin brother, Edward was an organist and worked at St Johns and St Marys in Worcester. 

He was killed in a  car accident in 1945. 

Mr Dowty and his family donated organ rails to Pershore Abbey in his brother's memory following a memorial service held in the abbey in 1946. 

The performance on Saturday is free to attend and starts at 3pm.

Martin Robbins, chairman of the Sir George Dowty Memorial Committee said: "The organ was recently renovated and I can't wait for Simon Bell to play it. 

"Following Mr Bell, there will be a fascinating insight into the origins of the aircraft and mining industries along with a final sing along with a 97 year old former Dowty apprentice. 

Sir George Dowty and his twin brother Edward are both buried at the Pershore Cemetery.

To reserve a seat, contact: willmundy331@icloud.com 

Worcester News: Inside Pershore Abbey Inside Pershore Abbey (Image: Martin Robbins)