The University of Worcester has secured government funding to help develop more business leaders.

The university's business school has been granted the funds to enable more business leaders to participate in the 'Herefordshire and Worcestershire Help to Grow Management Programme'.

Initially launched at the university in Autumn last year, the 12-week course aims to bolster entrepreneurs' abilities in various areas, including brand building, implementing growth strategies, and developing high-performance workplaces.


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Reflecting on her time on the programme last autumn, Kerry Blandford, co-owner of Optimec Metrology, said: "The course enabled me to reevaluate our business from a new and rejuvenated perspective while being aware of our vulnerability, understanding our value, realising what we are great at and identifying improvements to help us to grow.”

Following the successful completion of the programme by 21 students, the government has extended funding for the course, allowing it to continue through this year and into 2025.

Dr Scott Andrews, the head of Worcester Business School, applauded the efforts of the first batch of graduates.

He said: "Seeing the progress our first cohort of 21 business leaders made was incredible."

"We’ve been working with people who are already strong leaders from across Herefordshire and Worcestershire and helping them develop their skillset even further.”

He added: "The vast, vast majority of businesses in this area are small or medium enterprises so this programme is of particular importance here to help these companies reach their full potential."

Additional to the resources offered by the University, Dr Andrews also highlighted collaborations with Herefordshire and Worcestershire Chamber of Commerce, which is aimed at fostering the programme’s development to ensure it remains accessible to as many potential participants in the region as possible.

The next instalment of the programme is set to commence on Thursday, April 25 and will continue until July this year.

Anyone interested in applying are encouraged to contact Jo Murphy, business development manager at the school, by emailing

More information on the programme can be found on the Worcester Business School website (