Personal Independence Payments (PIP) will increase for more than three million people from today.

The amount paid to eligible homes by the Department for Work Pensions (DWP) is rising by more than £600 a year for some people.

Eligibility for PIP is split into Daily Living and Mobility sections, with payments previously ranging from £26.90 to £172.75 each week.

However, from today, those payments will increase to somewhere between £28.70 and £184.30 depending on your eligibility.

More than 3.3 million people in the UK claim PIP, figures from the DWP reveal.

You could be eligible for the benefit if you have a listed illness, disability or a mental health condition.

You can find out more about eligibility for PIP here.

Pensioners receive £900 increase

Pensioners have also seen an increase to their state pensions by up to £900 from today, as an announcement made at last year’s autumn statement comes into effect.

Chancellor Jeremy Hunt confirmed that the triple lock on pensions would be honoured, with state pensions rising.

Under the triple lock – which guarantees an increase in line with average earnings, inflation or 2.5%, whichever is highest - pensions will increase by 8.5 per cent next month.

He told MPs: "The triple lock has helped lift 250,000 older people out of poverty since its inception in 2011.

"It has been a lifeline for many during times of inflation.

"We honour our commitment to the triple lock in full. We will increase the new state pension by 8.5 per cent, worth up to £900 more a year."

Mel Stride, the Work and Pensions Secretary, added: “Thanks to the triple lock and our efforts to drive down inflation, we are putting money back in the pockets of pensioners. This is only possible because we have stuck to our plan and our economy has turned a corner.

“This will make a meaningful difference to all those who rely on the state pension and ensure we continue to provide a safety net for those who need it most while making work pay wherever possible.”