A WORRIED mum has suffered nine weeks of "hell" thanks to a water leak which led to "torrential rain" coming through her ceiling. 

Sarah-Jane Tyrer and her disabled five-year-old son's lives have been in chaos after she said their home in Ennerdale Close in Worcester has suffered from a water leak for nine weeks.

She now fears for their safety as the ceiling in the living room has bowed because of the water.

The source of the water leak is in one of the bathroom pipes, and Miss Tyrer said Platform Housing keeps tightening a bolt connecting the pipes, which only temporarily fixes the problem. 

Worcester News: Sarah-Jane Tyrer's sofa was drenched from the water leak.Sarah-Jane Tyrer's sofa was drenched from the water leak. (Image: Sarah-Jane Tyrer)She said the bolt then regularly comes loose again and water begins to pour out.

Worcester News has contacted Platform Housing but it did not respond to a request for a comment within our deadline.

"It's been never-ending. It got worse and worse," she said.

Worcester News: FEARS: The ceiling is bowing from the weight of the waterFEARS: The ceiling is bowing from the weight of the water (Image: Sarah-Jane Tyrer)

"It's been hell. The past few months have been complete chaos."

At one point, the mum said water had started gushing from her bathroom pipe so much that it had caused "torrential rain" to come through her ceiling.

Worcester News: Sarah-Jane Tyrer said her life has been a living hell.Sarah-Jane Tyrer said her life has been a living hell. (Image: Sarah-Jane Tyrer)She added: "It honestly felt like torrential rain in here, and we had run out of buckets.

"It's been so overwhelming it's been literally peeing water.

"I put my son in the bath and heard a gush of water.

"My son then said 'Mommy, it's raining inside' and then I saw the big gush of water.

"I had to tell him not to go near, and I could feel it coming through the ceiling downstairs."

On that occasion, firefighters turned off the gas, electricity, and water for four days over the Easter bank holiday, which led to further issues for the family.

"I couldn't use my home facilities, and my whole house was wet.

"I was knackered, my son was knackered, and we had nowhere to go.

"I had to throw out £200 worth of food as the fridge and freezer were full. Then, it needed to be replaced, which we do not have the money for."

The water was then turned back on, and the bolt connecting the pipes was retightened, but the issue persisted.