"I've had a good life" a man with weeks to live told a group of family and friends at his own wake.

People gathered to celebrate the life of Mike Lewis who was diagnosed with bowel cancer two years ago and was told he might not live to see his 80th birthday.

They left messages on a special telephone and wrote down treasured memories with Mr Lewis during the living wake at the New Inn in Shrawley.

His family said the living wake was incredibly successful as scores of people filled the pub on Saturday (April 6).

Worcester News:

Mr Lewis's daughter Natasha said: "It was a brilliant day and I am so glad that everyone got involved.

"I started with a speech about how we had come up with the idea to do a living wake and then we passed around a memory box for people to write messages for my dad to read. 

"There was a buffet and people brought gifts and printed letters, we must have had at least 40 comments in the box by the end."

Around 70 people attended including his two ex-wives and four current girlfriends - which was more than expected.

The wake ended up taking over the entire pub including the garden and, fortunately, the weather was nice and the manager was more than understanding. 

Worcester News:

Miss Lewis continued: "He did a speech and it was very emotional.

"He was very surprised at the amount of people that turned up.

"He was very overwhelmed with all the hugging and talking with friends that he had not seen for years. 

"In the end, he said it was a really good day and he was over the moon and pleased that he had done it. 

"He said it was better than sitting on a cloud and watching."

Worcester News: The memory box The memory box (Image: Natasha Lewis)

The memory box was covered with Mr Lewis's handprint, along with the fingerprints of family members and the messages that he received will go with him in his coffin when he passes. 

Guests admitted that they were not sure what to expect and that it was a strange idea, but said it was amazing with many saying they wanted a living wake in the future.

Mr Lewis ended his speech by saying: "I've got some fabulous friends, I've had a good life and I've got a lovely family."