A CITY teenager is sharing his inspiring story after starting a business.

Tommy Brookes, 19, has set up Brookey’s Car Detailing from Bilford Road, Worcester, after previously struggling to find happiness in his work.

The former Tudor Grange Academy Worcester pupil decided to channel his love of cars into a trade which involves improving the condition of a vehicle’s interior and exterior appearance.

Tommy said: “I left school at 16 and got into a flooring apprenticeship.

“I was doing that for two years and realised that wasn’t the path I wanted to go down.

“In October last year I changed career and started working away travelling around the country.

“I was getting paid really good money for my age but, with being away from family and spending my nights in a hotel room by myself, it started to have an effect on me.

“It put me in a dark place but I kept telling myself it was a good career and the income was great.

“However, I wasn’t happy any more.

“I soon then came to the realisation that money isn’t everything and happiness is more important in life.

“Money comes and goes so why was I putting myself through this pain?

“I had some long and hard thoughts but in the end I thought enough was enough so I made a change.

“I quit my job and instantly felt better but then I was stuck for work.”

Tommy was then inspired to pursue one of his passions for work rather than concentrating on the financial rewards, including even selling his own car to fund his plan.

He explained: “It wasn’t until my girlfriend’s dad (Matt Tally) said to me, ‘Why don’t you start a detailing business, you love cars and you’re really good at it’.

“From then onwards I have put the work in and made that dream come to a reality.

“I sold my car to fund the business and then bought everything I needed to start.

“Here I am today with my own website, business cards, logo and a small client base.

“I couldn’t be any happier.

“My plans for the future would be to get a van and start going mobile so I can increase my customer base and get it known throughout Worcestershire.

“I guess the moral of the story is, ‘Why are you putting yourself through blood, sweat and tears just to enjoy that seven-day holiday once a year?’.

“Money comes and goes but memories last forever.

“We only live once so make every day count by doing something that you’re happy with.

“Don’t chase the money, chase the dream.”

Tommy offers various options for customers through his business such as a maintenance program, interior deep clean, standard package and deluxe valet.