WORCESTER is set to be warmer than Paris and Berlin as a mild spell of warm air hits the UK.

A rise in temperatures is forecasted to reach the UK over the next couple of days.

Worcester and the Worcestershire region are set to enjoy a mild spell, with a maximum temperature of 19C  today (Thursday).

While it will be a fairly cloudy start to the day, brighter spells will develop through the late morning and lengthier sunnier spells into the afternoon.

This will continue into Friday, with cloud breaking through the morning to leave plenty of sunny spells for the afternoon with highs of 17C.

Warm air is set to move across the country from the west and bring milder weather to much of the UK on Thursday and Friday.

Temperatures in some parts as expected to reach the high teens and maybe exceed 20C before cooler air moves in from Saturday.

The Met Office said these warm few days would technically not reach heatwave criteria.

A spokesperson from the Met Office said: “We are seeing some warmer air moving across the country from the west, bringing some milder weather to much of the country today and tomorrow.

"Temperatures are expected to reach the high teens and maybe 20°C in the southeast today, but also reaching towards the high teens all the way up the east coast towards the north of Scotland.

"Cooler air moves in from Saturday, seeing temperatures decline from the north.

"The southeast is likely to see warm conditions on Saturday, although elsewhere temperatures are likely to be near normal or even slightly below.

"These warm few days are not technically a ‘mini-heatwave’.

"Temperatures have to reach very specific levels over very specific time frames, before we would declare a heatwave.

"The current mild spell will not reach ‘heatwave’ criteria.”