High pollen counts are predicted in the West Midlands over the next few days.

Max Wiseberg, an airborne allergens expert, said while the warmer and milder weather forecast is welcome news, it will trigger more trees in more regions to produce their pollen, which is bad news for those who suffer from hay fever.

The creator of HayMax allergen barrier balms said: “This is really just the beginning of the peak tree pollen production. Not good news for hay fever sufferers allergic to tree pollen, which is likely to continue well into May.

“However, better news is that, whilst there is no cure for hay fever, there are many measures and precautions you can take to help reduce the effects of the pollen.

“The first thing is to avoid the pollen in the first place with an allergen barrier balm such as HayMax applied around the nostrils and bones of the eyes to help stop pollen getting in.”

He suggested trying an antihistamine, using a steroid nasal spray which works by fighting inflammation and mucus production, and eye drops.

If symptoms are severe, he said people can create their own Hay Fever First Aid Kit by combining products that can be complementary to one another.