It sounds a bit silly to say, but I will pretty much drink any kind of alcoholic beverage apart from a pint of Guinness or rosé wine (and anything that awakens my acid reflux).

Fruity cider? Love it. A bottle of Corona? Even better. A few shots of vodka? That will do (obviously not at once).

So when I saw Aldi’s Specially Selected Rosorange hybrid wine flooding social media, I just had to get my hands on it.

Mainly because if I see orange-infused anything, it goes straight in my basket, both virtual and in real life as it’s one of my favourite flavours.

@thewinewally What’s so interesting about these 3 wines then? The Chinese red - shout out to @Clems_wines for the heads up in this one 🔥Kanaan Winery: Located in Ningxia, known as China's "Napa Valley," for its unique terroir and climate. 🔥Organic Wine: Renowned for sustainable practices and viticulture (wine growing) resulting in wines that showcase the natural characteristics of the grapes. 🔥Founder's Background: Wang Fang the Owner and Wine maker trained in Bordeaux, France, which brings a familiar European style to it The Chardonnay 🙌🏻 Carmel Road Winery: Has received numerous awards and accolades for its wines 🙌🏻Monterey AVA: Is a wine well known region in California, famous for producing top-notch Chardonnay and Pinot Noir 🙌🏻Sustainability Focus: Vineyard health and sustainable winemaking are part of their key priorities The Rosé: 🥳Vineyard Excellence: Sourced from meticulously selected vineyards in Monterey, known for their exceptional terroir and cool climate. 🥳The Region: Again, Monterey AVA: Is a wine well known region in California. 🥳 Produced by Scheid Vineyards (I believe) which is a well established and respected family-owned winery with sustainable practices. #aldi #aldiwine #alditiktok #supermarketwine #winehack #hiddengems ♬ Ready Set - Joey Valence & Brae

Plus, this tipple has been described as having “the personality of an orange wine”, however, it comes with “a pleasing softness, made possible with the addition of the refreshing rosé” and is claimed to be a “supermarket first”.

I will admit, I was feeling rather hesitant to try the wine because my tastebuds don’t usually get on with rosé as I find it too sweet.

Aldi’s Specially Selected Rosorange left me stunned

My initial impressions were stunned by the design of the bottle, as my eyes almost popped out of my head when I saw just how beautiful it looked, especially in real life.

I personally thought it looked very classy, with a sort of geometric pattern shaped into the glass bottle and a trendy illustrated textured label.

Worcester News: I cannot get over how pretty this Aldi wine bottle isI cannot get over how pretty this Aldi wine bottle is (Image: Newsquest)

The real question is, did it taste as good as it looked?

I’ll save you the hesitation, of course it did.

Although the pretty, pale pinky-orange coloured wine offers an “inviting aroma of tangerine, quince, apricot, and rose” I wasn’t knocked off my feet by a tangerine or apricot taste.

Yet it was there in the background and certainly cut through the sweetness of a normal rosé wine making it a little dry (to my delight).

I think all the flavours combined made it really refreshing to drink, particularly after a few hours of being chilled in the fridge and topped up with some ice.

Aldi’s first rosé orange hybrid wine is summer in a bottle

From my first sip, I instantly imagined myself reaching for this rosorange wine on a balmy summer evening while nattering in the garden with friends – something I am craving to experience this year thanks to the never-ending miserable British weather.

If you want a real expert opinion, Mistress of Wine, Sam Caporn, who is a member of the exclusive Institute of Masters of Wine described Aldi’s Specially Selected Rosorange as a “genius” idea.

She commented: “By blending two different styles - orange and rosé - you get the best of both worlds; the personality of the orange wine is made more inviting by the freshness and elegance of the rosé. Genius!”

Sam added: “The addition of the rosé makes it fresher, more accessible and, in my opinion, much more attractive.

Worcester News: Ignore the glass smears, just focus on the pretty coloured orange wineIgnore the glass smears, just focus on the pretty coloured orange wine (Image: Newsquest)

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"Orange wine is a white wine that has spent longer with its skins on, and it can make the wines quite grippy with a very distinct aroma, whereas rosé wine is essentially made the same way as red wine but left on the skins for a very short period. Combining the two contrasting practices makes them both really sing!”

Priced at £9.99 for 75cl, Aldi has provided the nation with an elegant wine (sealed with a cork) fit for royalty, without the eye-watering price.

Aldi’s Specially Selected Rosorange Rosé (£9.99, 75cl) is available in stores and via Click & Collect now.