Severn Trent is encouraging garden enthusiasts to be resourceful with their water use.

The advice could help to lower water use in the garden and potentially reduce customers' bills.

Customer demand lead at Severn Trent, Sophie Evans-Young, said: “We’ve seen some pretty wild weather over the last couple of years, from record-setting summers to really wet and windy winters. 

"While we’ve seen quite a damp start to the year, we may yet see a hot and dry summer.

“We’re spending millions on our network to cut down on leaks from pipes and make sure that we’re getting water to where it’s needed.

"There are a few brilliant and really simple things that we can all do around the garden which can help to use less water and if you’re on a water meter, save you money too.”

Tips include the purchase of water butts to capture rainwater, which can also be used on indoor plants, potentially easing pressure on drainage and avoiding surface flooding.

People are also encouraged to avoid using sprinklers which can waste water, and are encouraged to cover paddling pools, meaning you can keep insects out while avoiding refilling it each day.

Severn Trent customers can save water by reporting indoor leaks via the free platform, Vyn.