Parents across the UK will be jumping with excitement at all the items available in Aldi's Specialbuys as its April baby event continues.

The items available include everything from brand-new strollers and toys to bath towels and air fryers.

If you're a parent or are simply eager to see the deals available, here's everything you need to know about Aldi's Specialbuys this April.

The bargains available from Aldi's Specialbuys this April

Here are some of the bargain items available from Aldi's Specialbuys this April.

Worcester News: The Graco TraveLite Umbrella Stroller costs £39.99The Graco TraveLite Umbrella Stroller costs £39.99 (Image: Aldi)

Graco TraveLite Umbrella Stroller (£39.99)

Customers will be able to fetch themselves this lightweight and versatile stroller for just £39.99.

This is suitable for families with little ones between the ages of 0 and 3 who are always on the move. The "ultra-efficient" buggy boasts a compact umbrella, built-in storage and multi-seat position options.

Silicone Bibs, Mugs and Plates (£3.99 each) and Dribble Bibs and Muslins (£2.49 each)

Available in a number of "charming character designs," these mealtime plates, mugs and bibs are easy to clean and look absolutely adorable.

Worcester News: Silicone Bibs, Mugs and Plates from Aldi cost just £3.99 eachSilicone Bibs, Mugs and Plates from Aldi cost just £3.99 each (Image: Aldi)

Hooded Bath Towel and Mitt (£4.99)

Helping to get your baby ready for bed, these hooded bath towels come in duck, elephant, flower and fox designs.

2-pack Sleepsuit and 5-pack Short Sleeve Bodysuit (both £5.49)

To help your little one snuggle up, the 2-pack Sleepsuit and 5-pack Short Sleeve Bodysuit (both priced at £5.49) are ideal for children aged 0 to 3 years old. From 12-18 months, parents can choose between floral, bear and space designs.

Worcester News: Nursery Storage Baskets are now available from Aldi this monthNursery Storage Baskets are now available from Aldi this month (Image: Aldi)

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Push & Pull Nursery Rhyme Books (£1.99) and NEW Sensory Baby Toys (£5.99)

Push & Pull Nursery Rhyme Books (£1.99) come with instrumental and vocal variations of a nursery rhyme for "endless musical fun".

New Sensory Baby Toys are also available from Aldi for just £5.99.

Nursery Storage Baskets (£7.99, pack of two) and more

For parents looking to keep their house tidy, these nursery storage boxes, which come in packs of two for just £7.99, are a great solution.

Mamia Sensitive Baby Wipes (£0.65, 60 pack), old winning Mamia Newborn Nappies (85p, 24-pack) and Nuby Weaning and Teething Accessories (£4.49) are also available this month.

 7.2L Air Fryers (£59.99) from April 14

To mark Earth Day, the brand will be offering the Cookology 7.2L Mechanical Air Fryer and Philips 7.2L Air Fryer for just £59.99 which will equate to a 14% and 54% slash in prices respectively. These items will hit shelves on April 14.