If you own a vehicle, you might be aware of what it’s like to organise and pay for insurance each year but do you know the things that could invalidate it?

It’s crucial that your car insurance details are correct and there are 10 things you should look out for to avoid making your insurance invalid.

Motoring experts at Leasing Options have created a list of the things that could invalidate your car insurance and potentially leave you with a £300 fine and 6 points on your license.

Worcester News: All motorists must drive with valid insuranceAll motorists must drive with valid insurance (Image: Canva)

10 ways you could be invalidating your car insurance

Exchanging money for lifts

If you make a profit from giving someone a lift, your car insurance may become invalid as some insurance policies don’t allow drivers to accept any sort of payment for lifts.

This is because they may view this as your car being used for hire and profit, however, generally accepting money for petrol is acceptable as you’re unlikely to make a profit from it.

Naming the main driver incorrectly

If you are the main driver but choose to put someone else as the main driver, you could invalidate your insurance and also be issued with a substantial fine and six points on your license.

It’s known as ‘fronting’ which is illegal and it’s usually done to reduce a younger driver’s insurance premium when a parent or someone older is listed as the main driver but in reality, the young person is the main owner and driver of the vehicle, the experts at Leasing Options explain.

Having the wrong address

It’s crucial that your correct address is on your car insurance because when an insurer sets your car insurance premium, they take your postcode into account and assess it based on high-risk areas.

So if you move to a new address, make sure you tell your insurer as your policy may change.

Not disclosing a new occupation

Car insurers collect occupation data to predict how likely it is that people in different jobs will make a claim so it’s important to inform your insurer when you get a new job as failing to do so could leave you uninsured. 

Lying about where you park your car

Insurance premiums can be different if you use off-street parking compared to parking on a street.

If you tell your insurer that your car is parked off-street when it isn’t, your insurance could be invalid if it’s broken into.

Factors that affect car insurance cost

Lying about what the car is used for

You need to make sure that you tell your insurer what the car is used for – they will ask if you use it for social, social and commuting or business use.

If you don’t tell the whole truth, then you could be left without insurance.

Underestimating the mileage

Annual mileage is one of the main factors used to calculate insurance premiums so you must state the correct number of miles.

Your policy will be at risk if your mileage is higher than your estimate.

You can use mileage calculators online to help you estimate how many miles you drive.

Having an obstructed windscreen

If your windscreen is obstructed in any way and you have an accident, your insurance will be void whether it’s frost, dirt or too many air fresheners hanging from your rear-view mirror, the experts at Leasing Options explain.

Not telling your insurer about accidents

No matter how big or small, you must tell your insurer about all the accidents your vehicle is involved in.

If you don’t tell them but a third party reports the incident to their insurer, it would leave your insurance company in an awkward position.

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Also, if there is previous damage to your car from an incident you have not told your insurer about, any future claims to your insurer could be discredited by this.

Modifying your car

If you plan on modifying your car, make sure you contact your insurer to check how much your policy will increase.

Modifying your car can increase your insurance premium for multiple reasons. For example, bodywork and non-standard engines are more expensive to replace and repair plus some modifications can increase the risk of your car being a victim of theft.