AN intrepid cyclist says he'll "think twice" before visiting Worcester again after his newly bought bike was trashed overnight. 

Sam Bossman is now stuck in the city and says his cycling adventure is "ruined" after his bike, which was locked up near the canal in Sidbury, was "decimated."

The 30-year-old was on a cycling trip, having travelled 33 miles from Birmingham to Worcester on Thursday (April 11).

He planned to continue his journey onto Gloucester on Friday (April 12). But his trip has been cut short due to the vandalism.

Mr Bossman had only bought the bike in the past month, and only insured it yesterday before the trip. 

He said he's had several bikes stolen from him in the past.

Worcester News: The photo Mr Bossman captured before the bike was vandalisedThe photo Mr Bossman captured before the bike was vandalised (Image: Sam Bossman)

Mr Bossman, an actor from Birmingham, said he was "frustrated" and "disappointed" after seeing the front wheel and handlebars were ripped from his bike. 

He said: "I'm on a little adventure cycling. I actually just bought the bike.

"I left it overnight. I took a picture of it because I have had quite a few bikes nicked. I'm just unlucky.

"It's ruined the trip - I was going to go down to Gloucester.

"It happens so much - even though I've got two locks on. It's not that surprising.

"It's really annoying but at least this time I've got insurance".

Worcester News: The bike this morning with its front end stolenThe bike this morning with its front end stolen (Image: Sam Bossman)

He chained his bike up outside the Commandery Coffee shop when arriving in the city yesterday and spent a night at Ye Old Talbot.

He spoke with the owners of the coffee shop, who told him of similar incidents of theft and vandalism.

He said: "They were just telling me a lot of people have stuff stolen here. They gave me a free coffee".

After being asked whether he would be visiting Worcester again anytime soon, Mr Bossman added: "I suppose I would think twice. 

"I would definitely bring an extra bike lock or two - or three. Or maybe just not come back at all". 

He has contacted his insurers and West Mercia Police to report the incident.

Mr Bossman, who is the artistic director of film and theatre company Deadman, said he will now have to get the train back to the second city from Worcester.