THE future is uncertain for the city's iconic cricket ground after an "unprecedented record volume of flooding".

Worcestershire County Cricket Club revealed that continuous flooding of New Road has created a "real issue" regarding the club's sustainability.

New Road is a known location in the city that spends much of the winter months underwater due to the flooding of the River Severn.

The Board of Worcestershire County Cricket Club said it is now exploring every option, including a move from its current New Road location.

A statement by Worcestershire County Cricket Club read: "Given the recent unprecedented record volume of flooding at New Road and the increasing regularity of flooding, the Board of Worcestershire County Cricket Club understands the very real issues regarding the sustainability of the club.

"As a board, we will make it our key priority to explore every option, including a move from New Road, over the next few months so we can provide the membership and key stakeholders with a plan.

"This is to ensure the long-term future of Worcestershire County Cricket Club."

The news comes after Dave Throup, a retired  Environmental Agency manager who spent 20 years in the role, said flooding in the city is getting bigger due to a rapidly changing climate.

He said: "We expect significant increases in flood peaks due to climate change in the near future.

"What to do? We can’t engineer our way out. Raising existing defences won’t be technically, financially or environmentally possible.

"Designing future defences to a much higher standard of protection would make them many times more expensive and physically huge."