Families across Worcestershire have found out which primary or first school their children will be starting at in September.

This comes after Worcestershire County Council made offers to all applicants.

More than 99 per cent of the county’s youngest students received an offer from one of their top three options, with over 95 per cent securing a place at their first choice school.



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The county council received over 5,542 applications for primary schools and 2,860 for middle schools this year.

Sarah Wilkins, director for Education at the council said: "Starting school is a milestone moment for families as children begin their educational journey.

"It is really pleasing to see that so many children across the county will be starting at their preferred school this autumn."

Offers can be viewed by logging into a user's existing account on the dedicated pages of the council's website.

An email will also be sent to notify parents about the outcome of their applications.

For parents of new middle school students who need to understand school transport options ahead of the first term, they should visit the school and college travel pages on the council's website.

Parents can also make an application for an appeal if they wish to challenge their child's school place offer.