Susie, a mother of two boys, is candidly expressing the rollercoaster ride that is motherhood in a brand new show.

Through storytelling, Susie reveals her unexpected journey into parenthood, teaching her audience that nobody, despite what they present on social media, is getting it completely right.

Titled 'Priscilla Queen of the Disaster,' the narrative voices her day-to-day challenges as a mother.

It’s a source of amusement and comfort to those experiencing parenthood's unpredictability and rigours.

Everyday situations, such as enduring 'dodgy' yoga classes, morphing into a 'milkable' entity, and abandoning perfectionism, are humorously described.

While representing the unconditional love and privilege of motherhood, Susie declares it's anything but smooth – indeed, often chaotic and always unforeseen.

Her story showcases the challenges that accompany parenting, often getting a laugh out of the audience, who can easily relate with her and sense a feeling of camaraderie in shared experiences.

Reflecting on the story shared at the Harlow Playhouse Theatre, one audience member described it as "an emotional rollercoaster," calling it a "must-see".

Meanwhile, an attendee at the Hertford Theatre called her a "wonderful storyteller." They also added: "We were heartbroken– we did not expect that!"

Those who are interested in hearing Susie's raw and relatable motherhood narrative can secure their tickets at