LONG walks in the woodland, countryside views, and beautiful parkland gardens are just a number of places to visit to see blossoming trees in Worcestershire.

The crisp smell of the fresh air in spring time is just one reason why people eagerly anticipate this time of the year.

Picture it: you are walking out in the countryside in beautiful sunshine, the birds are tweeting and the trees are blossoming.

There are plenty of ways you can enjoy a trip outdoors in one of the most alluring parts of the country, from city centre escapes to landscaped parklands.

Here are the best National Trust places to visit in Worcestershire to get a glimpse of the trees blossoming in the spring sunshine.

Croome Court

There’s more than meets the eye at Croome. 

Located near High Green, Worcester, Worcestershire, it has been owned by the Coventry family since the 16th century and has a fascinating history.

But today the parkland is a perfect place for walks and adventures, along with some blossoming plants and trees like laurel, hawthorn and horse chestnut.

In Spring the orchard at Croome displays blossom from a wide variety of fruit trees, including apples, pears, plums and quinces.

Worcester News: Apple blossom Apple blossom (Image: Ross Hoddinott)

The Firs

Set in the birthplace of Sir Edward Elgar in sight of his beloved Malvern Hills is a small family home in the village of Lower Broadheath.

Within the grounds is an orchard that, while relatively small, holds more than 60 trees, including a wide variety of cooking, eating, and cider apples, as well as a few pear trees consist of the famous Worcester Black Pear.

Hanbury Hall

Hanbury Hall is a country retreat in the heart of Worcestershire near Droitwich Spa and, during spring time, its gardens come into their own.

The house and garden, originally a stage-set for summer parties, offer a glimpse into life at the turn of the 18th century.

The Walled Orchard more than meets the eye, where gardeners grow 56 varieties of apples including golden pippin, howgate wonder and the traditional bramley.

Rest assured, a stunning display of pink-tinged apple blossom on the branches will be on show in the spring time.

Be sure to stop and take a look at the trees heavy and leaden with blossom in May.

As part of Festival of Blossom, visitors can enjoy talks, crafts, and displays from Monday, April 15 to Sunday April, 28.