A CITY school’s show took over the centre stage for three consecutive nights.

RGS Worcester’s Performing Arts Centre was alight with laughter and suspense thanks to farcical murder mystery Clue: High School Edition.

The production by years nine and 10, adapted from the 1985 film and based on the beloved Cluedo board game, captivated audiences, displaying the talent and enthusiasm of the middle school actors.

So many pupils wanted to be involved that two different casts were created to perform on alternate nights.

Both casts brought their flair and interpretation to the stage, delivering equally impressive performances under the direction of drama teacher Jak Garrity.

Audiences were transported to the opulence of Boddy Manor where the eclectic dinner guests, each with colourful histories, were embroiled in a whirlwind of misunderstandings, puns and, of course, murder.

From the neurotic Mrs Peacock to the sardonic Miss Scarlett, the young performers effortlessly entertained the audience with impeccable comedic timing and captivating stage presence.

Special mention goes to Colonel Mustard whose entertaining performance left the audience in stitches.

“Often absurd, never dull, always hilarious — Clue was an absolute riot,” said English teacher Sophie Lawrence who reviewed the performance.

Clue is one of four performances staged by RGS Worcester’s talented drama department this academic year.

With further performances scheduled for next term the school enables pupils to take part in a variety of theatrical productions.