PEOPLE were delighted to spot the Northern Lights in the skies above Worcester.

Neil McDonald and Lauren Parker took these pictures as the aurora borealis appeared above the city on Tuesday evening (April 16).

Mr McDonald took his picture was taken just before midnight at Jacobs Ladder in North Claines. 

Worcester News: PRETTY: The Northern Lights appear over the Malvern HillsPRETTY: The Northern Lights appear over the Malvern Hills (Image: Lauren Parker)

Lauren Parker took her pictures at about 11.30pm over the Malvern Hills.

What causes the Northern Lights?

The aurora borealis is caused by solar storms on the surface of the sun - the lights and wavy patterns we see are caused by electrically-charged particles that travel from the sun and slam into molecules in the earth’s atmosphere.

Generally, you can see the aurora better the further north you go, but it is visible from across the UK. Conditions have to be right though - dark and clear nights are best, with as little light pollution as possible.