THE family of a boy from Worcestershire who is hoping to raise money for a prosthetic arm says it would "mean the world to him".

Noah Williams, from Clifton Upon Teme, was born with a below-elbow limb difference on his right arm, which means it is shorter than his left.

A crowdfunding campaign has been set up in the hope of raising enough money to give Mr Williams, aged 11, a new arm by The Open Bionics Foundation.

The target is to raise £20,000 for Mr Williams and two other children, who have been chosen by Open Bionics to get a new arm.

Worcester News: Mr Williams, 11, has had a below-elbow limb difference since birthMr Williams, 11, has had a below-elbow limb difference since birth (Image: Rebecca Orton)

Rebecca Orton, Mr Williams' mother, said: "Noah was born with a limb difference, which at the time was quite a shock.

"Since birth, he has had to find new, creative ways to do things he wants to do.

"He's right-side dominant, so he's had to learn to do things with his left side, and he does things in his own way.

"He uses his little arm to help in any way he can, such as buttoning his shirt or tying his tie for school.

"Everything he does he makes adjustments to. He doesn't like accepting help but approaches it with an amazing attitude and doesn't shy way from things."

Ms Orton said her son did struggle sometimes with his physical deficiency but that he uses humour to get around the difficulties of living with it.

"He'll joke that he lost his arm in a shark attack," she said.

"It's natural instinct for people to look at something that is new to you, but he has an amazing friendship group who don't notice his deficiency.

"His confidence is great but sometimes he doesn't want the attention."

Ms Orton said it would "mean the world" to her son to be given a bionic arm and would help his aspirations of being a sports reporter.

While having a child with a physical deficiency was at times "really difficult", she had "pride and admiration" for his positive approach.

"He was saying how it would give him another hand, which he's never hand before.

Worcester News: Ms Orton is hoping to raise £20,000 that would provide her son with a new arm he's always dreamed ofMs Orton is hoping to raise £20,000 that would provide her son with a new arm he's always dreamed of (Image: Rebecca Orton)

"I think having a futuristic arm would also give him more positive attention and would increase his confidence."

A fundraising page, which was created earlier this month, has so far raised £6.555 of the £20,000 target.

Donations can be made from the GoFundMe page: Fundraiser by Crowdfunding Support : The BIG HERO 3 2024 UK (

As well as raising further awareness, there are events planned to contribute to the crowdfunding campaign.

Mr Williams' school, The Chantry in Martley, is hoping to raise £3,000, while a football charity game and quiz night are among other fundraising events.

The wider community is supporting the campaign too, with Great Witley Primary School, the Cob House, Mulligans, Worcester United FC and Bromyard Rugby Club having donating money.