AN ANGRY parish councillor is asking for information about a stolen speeding sign after years of campaigning to have it installed. 

Thieves have removed the Vehicle Activated Speed Sign (VAS) on Bath Road in St Peters leaving wires dangerously exposed after St Peter's Parish councillors noticed it had gone missing on Friday (April 12).

Chair of St Peter's Parish Council John Renshaw said it took the councillors years of campaigning to get it installed, and it is unknown when they may be able to get a new one to replace it.

Worcester News: Chair of St Peter's Parish Council John Renshaw.Chair of St Peter's Parish Council John Renshaw. (Image: John Renshaw)Cllr Renshaw said the council did liaise with Worcestershire County Council to see if it had removed the sign for a particular reason, but it confirmed it was unaware the sign was missing. 

"I am extremely annoyed and angry as not just me but also other councillors campaigned for a number of years after we received many complaints about noise from speeding vehicles," he said.

"It would have taken some effort to remove it as it was bolted to the pole - it must have involved a step ladder and they left the wires handing out."

Worcestershire Highways had to visit the sign on Bath Road to make the area safe due to the wires left sticking out of the pole.

Cllr Renshaw added: "We do hope to replace it as a number of residents said speeding had dropped on that stretch of road after the sign was installed in mid-December.

Worcester News: The Vehicle Activated Signs (VAS) on Bath Road.The Vehicle Activated Signs (VAS) on Bath Road. (Image: John Renshaw)"Noise and speeding had decreased.

"I don't know how long it will take to replace it, and there will clearly be a gap, but we as a council will be pushing for this to get it replaced.

"Noise and speeding increasing (now the sign has gone) is going likely."

Vehicle Activated Signs (VAS) signs on the side of roads use radar technology to display a driver's speed as they approach it.

If the driver exceeds the limit, the sign will flash at their speed.