WORCESTER Operatic & Dramatic Society (WODS) takes an uplifting stroll down Lambeth Way in its latest hit musical Me and My Girl at the city’s Swan Theatre this week.

With great harmonious singing, this tap-dancing, spoon-playing, well-dressed, talented company, backed by a great live band and scenery, take you to the estate of the Earl of Hareford where an unapologetically-unrefined cockney gentleman named Bill learns that he is the 14th heir!

But he will only inherit if approved by the family and must also break up with his cockney girlfriend Sally.

Cheeky chappy Bill is played with an endearing and natural manner by Dan Hooper who takes on the Hareford family with his own style of wit and charm, reminding us of a number of well-known songs including Leaning on a Lamppost and not forgetting Lambeth Walk.

His girlfriend Sally is played with great confidence by Al Linforth who sings and moves well, at first not approved by the family but eventually wins the day after some grooming, secretly arranged for her, with an unapologetic reference to a certain gentleman in Upper Wimpole Street — and by George she got it!

While initially Sir John and the Duchess do not approve of Bill, the Duchess feels with a little grooming Bill too could be suitable to inherit the title.

The Duchess is well played with a depth of experience by Sarah Gilhooly, at times brusk with a well- hidden soft centre.

Meanwhile, Sir John, played by Andrew Rawle, provides a rather haphazard but amusing characterisation with a distinctive Malcolm Muggeridge-esque diction.

He is kind to Sally and provides the support she needs to help Bill in turn to succeed.

On the way, the family takes regular advice from their solicitor Herbert Parchester, well played by Chris Holloway, who approaches the situation as seriously as any solicitor would but with a great twist in his delivery.

Two other family members are the Hon Gerald Bolingbroke (Toby Edwards) and the elegant and flirtatious Lady Jacqueline Carstone (Lyndsey Beckley) who initially breaks off her engagement to Gerald to pursue Bill. Both perform with great style.

Also a worthy performance from Judy Hooper as Mrs Brown who cares for Sally and a cameo of an English Constable by Ethan Cook.

WODS, as usual, provides great depth in its principal line-up with great support from Neil Waghorn (Lord Battersby), Sophia Stevens (Lady Battersby), John Sansome (Charles the Butler) and Gary Kimber (Sir Jasper Tring). The full company work and dancing are uplifting.

As the author Stephen Fry said when he messaged WODS recently the plot is very funny, sometimes daft but always entertaining.

If you are ready for a good night out, you can book your tickets now online or call Worcester Theatres Box Office on 01905 611427.

The show, directed by Simon Atkins, runs until Saturday, April 20.