Find out about work and research in the city at a three-day science festival.

The University of Worcester is organising the Pint of Science event next months, where academic staff and students will share insights into their various research projects and studies at venues The Arch Rivals pub and Francini Cafe de Colombia.

The presentations will cover a broad spectrum of topics, from sexism and misogyny to dementia support and the UK Constitution, with sessions planned for each evening from Monday 13 to Wednesday, May 15.

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The event has been put together by the Doctoral School at the university.

Esther Dobson, from the school, said: "We are delighted to be bringing Pint of Science back to Worcester this year.

"It was a joy to be part of the festival last year and showcase some of the important research our colleagues are doing, whilst engaging with the local community and wider public.

"No matter what your interests, we hope there is something in this year’s programme that sparks people’s imagination or gives them a chance to learn something new."

The event will start with The Arch Rivals pub holding discussions on 'The importance of understanding and displaying healthy behaviours' while simultaneously, academics at Francini Cafe de Colombia will be exploring 'Doing Health Research Differently'.

The following day sees the Arch Rivals take on the topic of 'Exploring Controversy and Collectivity in a Digital World' while the cafe takes on UK law and politics.

Finishing off on the Wednesday, the pub will host a talk about 'Innovations for Wellbeing: Putting Women and Disability in the Spotlight', while the cafe’s final evening will focus on education and children under the theme ‘Tuning into Children: Their rights to be respected and protected’.

The festival is to be catered to a general public audience, therefore, any people keen to broaden their understanding or to take part in thoughtful discussions are encouraged to attend.

Interested parties can find more information about the event online at

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