Despite rising bill costs, a third of pet owners in the West Midlands keep their heating on for their pets while not at home.

New research released from Worcester Bosch exposes the lengths pet owners will go to ensure their pets' comfort.

The study, commissioned for National Pet Month, reported that pet lovers in the West Midlands spend an average of 22 minutes a day making sure their pets are comfortable before leaving home.



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29 per cent admit to keeping the TV or radio on for their pets when they're alone.

Even the surging cost of utilities hasn’t dissuaded pet owners from pampering their pets.

Only seven per cent of respondents reported stopping turning on the heating when they left their homes in the last year, and just eight per cent no longer leave electrical appliances on.

Pet owner Emma Brander, from Inverurie in Aberdeenshire, said: "I’ve felt the pinch with rising energy bill costs, but my whippet Otis means everything to me and I would do anything to make sure he is safe and comfortable while I’m out at work all day, so I often have the heating on for a couple of hours in the middle of the day to make sure he’s warm and cosy."

Numerous pet owners have considered purchasing pet cameras, food dispensers, and voice-enabled tech.

Almost half 46 per cent admitted to having a built-in camera at home to check on their pets.

Aaron Gilbert, a pet camera owner, said: "Checking in on my ragdoll cat, Merlin, a few times a day gives me peace of mind, knowing that he’s safe and sound at home while I’m out at work all day."

26 per cent of those surveyed considered giving their pets away because they could not care for them while at work.

Martyn Bridges, director of technical services at the company, said: "Owners need to consider how to heat their homes to guarantee the welfare of their animals.

"It’s important that they do this in a considered and efficient way to ensure bills stay manageable while pets are kept happy."