THERE was more joy for birdwatchers as three of the peregrine falcon eggs have now hatched at Worcester Cathedral. 

Avid bird watchers woke up this morning (Tuesday) to see two more chicks making three in total. 

It is good news for the chicks as the closer together they hatch the better chance they all have at survival. 

Fans watching on the live peregrine falcon camera are now eagerly awaiting for the fourth and final egg to hatch. 

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Speaking yesterday after the arrival of the first chick, Chris Dobbs, the cathedral’s biodiversity advisor, said: "It should be around a week now until all four have hatched and hopefully we’ll end up with four healthy chicks.

"Normally there’s a day or two in between each egg but it looks like the second one might hatch sooner than that, which is really good, as the closer they are in age and strength the better when competing for food.

"As the weeks go by, the chicks will get bigger and bigger very quickly and fledging should start around the end of May or the beginning of June."