5,800 meals have been saved from going to waste by Aldi shoppers this year.

The savings were made possible due to a partnership between the supermarket giant and Too Good To Go, the world's largest surplus food platform, which launched in Worcestershire's stores back in February 2023.

Customers bought 5,800 Too Good To Go bags in their Aldi branches across the region, equating to savings of £38,800.


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The bags contain a medley of grocery items nearing their sell-by or use-by dates.

These items, while still fresh and safe to eat, are sold at a discount, with each bag priced at just £3.30 despite containing at least £10 worth of products.

The partnership has not only lead to monetary savings for the shoppers; it has also promoted sustainability by helping to avert about 15,500 tonnes of CO2 emissions solely in Worcestershire.

This contributes to a total of 1,500 tonnes avoided and over half a million meals saved throughout the UK since the initiative's launch.

Liz Fox, Aldi UK's national sustainability director, said: "It is amazing to see the sheer number of our customers across Worcestershire that have made the most of our Too Good To Go Surprise Bags since launching last year.

"This partnership not only allows us to reduce food waste and demonstrate our commitment to being a sustainable retailer, but also enables our customers to access quality food while saving even more on their shop."

Aldi recently expanded the collection window for its Too Good To Go bags, allowing customers to book a bag up to 24 hours ahead of collection time on the app.

Customers can now also buy a Surprise Bag on Sundays.

Aldi also gives away surplus food from its stores through a partnership with Neighbourly, donating 45 million meals to those in need since 2019.