THE FOURTH and final Peregrine falcon egg has hatched at Worcester Cathedral. 

It has been an exciting week for bird watchers in Worcester as all four falcon eggs have now hatched. 

All four chicks appear to be healthy. 

The first chick was spotted on Monday, April 22 with two more appearing the following day. 

The latest arrival was spotted this morning (April 25). 

To watch the chicks, visit:

All chicks hatched within four days of one another, which is a great sign according to Chris Dobbs, the cathedral's biodiversity advisor.

The closer together they are born, the fairer it will be when competing for food.

Mr Dobbs continued: "As the weeks go by, the chicks will get bigger and bigger very quickly and fledging should start around the end of May or the beginning of June."

Affectionally named Peter and Peggy, the birds first adorned the cathedral in 2022.