FRUSTRATED residents said it has been a "battle" to get the roads completed on their estate.

People living on the Copcut Rise estate say they are tired of being forced to go back and forth with developers William Davis Homes to finish some of the roads.

William Davis Homes gained planning permission for the site nearly ten years ago but residents are still facing incomplete roads and potential damage to their vehicles due to the uneven surfaces. 

Councillor Daniel Birch said the estate is a lovely place to live but added it is a shame that the developers have only completed part of the roads.

Worcester News: The state of the roads on the estate. The state of the roads on the estate. (Image: Daniel Birch)"Planning permission was granted nearly ten years ago and the developers have a duty of care to the residents on the estate and to make sure the estate is safe," he said.

"Residents have had to put on a lot of pressure - we should not have to ask them.

"They have a duty to come back and deal with the roads."

Over the years, residents have been asking developers to come back and complete roads, but only some of the roads have been done.

Cllr Birch said the issue will be resolved. and it will not take another ten years for the roads to be fixed.

A spokesperson for William Davis Homes said it is aware that aspects of the estate are incomplete and things have taken much longer than it would have liked.

They said: "We are very aware of the need to complete some aspects of our Copcut Rise development and are keen to do so as soon as possible.

"The roads have been constructed to the required standard under the supervision of the highways authority, Worcestershire County Council.

"However, before we can apply the final surface and other finishing touches, we first have to agree a list of outstanding works with the Council. 

"This has taken much longer than we would have liked, but we will carry out the work at the earliest opportunity once the agreement is in place.

"Our Operations Director has already arranged to meet the two local ward councillors, including Dan Birch, in May – to explain the situation and answer any questions."

Speaking on behalf of Worcestershire County Council, councillor Mike Rouse said: "Worcestershire County Council requires all new developments to meet strict standards before we adopt the roads, streetlights and pavements.

"The developer in this case has not yet met the standard required, and we have already made them aware of this.

"We will reach out to all concerned to make sure this is clear and what steps need to be taken to achieve the standard."