A fuel expert is warning UK drivers of the five things they must never do while at a petrol station.

It may seem like a simple task, but there is so much to think about when filling up on fuel - whether it’s using the right pump, parking correctly, or simply being a courteous customer.

Petrol station etiquette isn’t taught at any stage of the driver's learning journey so what are the unwritten rules for being a polite petrol station customer?

As many drivers take to Reddit to voice their biggest fuel filling icks, Fuel card expert and Sales Director at Right Fuel Card, David James, shares five top petrol station etiquette tips.

Should we only be filling up on the tank side?

As all European-built cars are designed predominantly for left-hand drive markets to allow safer fuelling at the roadside, should we be only using the tank sided pumps?

David explains: “Modern day pumps should be long enough to reach the other side of your car, so you can utilise any of the free pumps and avoid waiting for longer than necessary.

“Always be mindful of oncoming traffic and how you park at the pumps to allow enough space for you to fuel on the other side safely.

“If you forget which side your fuel filler is on, you can look at the fuel gauge on the dashboard as there is a mini image of a fuel tank which shows the side your fuel filler is on.”

Never use your mobile phone at the petrol station

We’ve all heard the rumours that our mobile phones could cause an explosion at the petrol station - but how true are they?

David said: “Filling up on fuel is a task that holds a lot of responsibility, fuel is highly flammable and anyone handling it needs to do so with caution, and as safely as possible.

“Whilst there’s no real data around the impact that mobile phones have on fuel, it has been said by the UKPIA that there could be a potential risk of sparking, as the technology has not been designed or certified for use in ‘explosive’ atmospheres.

“Whilst the risk involved may be low, it’s always best to minimise that risk and avoid using your mobile phone when filling up your vehicle’s fuel.”

Where should we park at the petrol station?

Some petrol stations have tight spacing between pumps so it can be hard to determine the best position to park.

David suggests: “Always be mindful of spacing when parking near the pumps and just use your initiative, if you think that your own vehicle wouldn’t be able to fit beside you, then neither can anybody else's.

“Nevertheless, there is no need to overthink this, if you see another driver struggling to fit beside you, then you can just simply adjust your vehicle accordingly.”

Should you move your car after putting fuel in it?

One Reddit user recently shared their fuelling experience after being insulted by another driver for leaving their car next to the pump whilst going inside to pay.

Many commenters expressed their outrage and opinions, provoking the question, should we be moving our cars immediately after fuelling if we intend to go inside the shop?

David said: “If you are simply paying for your fuel inside, then the next customer is unable to fuel their car until you have paid so there is no point in moving your car for them as they won’t be able to proceed.

“You could also risk the petrol station workers thinking you’re driving away without paying, which could cause unnecessary stress.”

If the pump ahead is free, should we move our vehicle forward?

Another Reddit user posted their fuelling experience involving a ‘staring match’ for refusing to move their vehicle forward when the next pump became free.

David comments: “It can be annoying seeing another driver fuelling their car whilst the pump in front of them is free and you are able to go around them.

“If you have already begun fuelling or inserting your card at the pump, do not feel pressured to move your vehicle. This isn’t safe or practical.

“If you haven’t exited your motor yet and see that the pump in front has become free, then you may wish to move forward to allow space for other drivers.”