A school is turning to the community for help transforming an old bungalow into a new learning environment for vulnerable children. 

Blessed Edward Oldcorne Catholic College is asking for help whether it be monetary or voluntary, in turning an ex-caretakers bungalow into a new learning space for anxious and vulnerable students. 

The bungalow sits next to the school and has been empty since June 2023.

Worcester News: The bungalow is next to the school The bungalow is next to the school (Image: Daniel Kelly)

Greg McClarey, head teacher at Blessed Edwards said: "We could have sold off the building or rented it out, but then it would not be a resource available for our students and we can see its potential for the most vulnerable.

"At the moment we have one room on the far side of the school, which capacity wise is ok, but on the education side we are struggling. 

"We want to use the bungalow as a bridge for our anxious and most vulnerable students as well as offering parental support."

Worcester News: To be transformed into a new learning environmentTo be transformed into a new learning environment (Image: Daniel Kelly)

School leaders admitted that it is a tough task and is unlikely to be ready for the start of the next year in September, estimating the total cost to be around £100,000. 

Kaye Mason, assistant head teacher, said: "We are going to publish the fundraising page today and we have already had four parents and two businesses reach out. 

"WHC Hire Services from down the road has offered to lend us tools, a parent has donated £50 and another is willing to get involved as part of a one-day release program from work to help in the community.

"The building needs all new carpets, work done to the ceiling, fire doors, alarms among other things, as well as making it pass health and safety checks."

Worcester News: The gardens bungalowThe gardens bungalow (Image: Daniel Kelly)

Work has already begun with the school's site manager working on the kitchen with funds already raised by the school. 

Fences for the garden have been purchased but the school is still looking for help installing them.

To donate, visit: https://app.parentpay.com/ParentPayShop/Foc/Default.aspx?shopid=15028

If you think you can help, email fundraising@blessededward.co.uk

Mr McClarey said: "Worcestershire schools are historically underfunded.

"If we were a similar school in Birmingham we would have an extra one million pounds of funding. 

"With rising costs, there are posts available in the school that we are not recruiting for, support staff leave and we cannot afford to replace them.  

"The impact this bungalow will have is massive, not just academic but for students' emotional wellbeing as well. 

"Traditional school is not for everyone, some students will leave with no GCSEs but this will allow them to leave with other skills such as cooking, cleaning and gardening."

The bungalow consists of four rooms, a kitchen, a toilet and a back garden.