IT MAY not have been seen but it definitely could be heard - a noisy RAF helicopter flew over Worcestershire.

The loud noise of the RAF Boeing Chinook’s rotor blades meant it could be heard on its flight path between Omberlsey and Wychbold.

However, the cloudy sky meant it was hard to spot from the ground while it was flying at 3,150ft.

The RAF Chinook had travelled from Shawbury this evening (Wednesday) passing over Kidderminster before heading down to Ombersley then flying east towards Wychbold.

One resident said: “I was in my house and could hear the thudding from the helicopter’s blades.

”I checked FlightRadar and saw it was a Chinook passing over but unfortunately I couldn’t see anything because it was so cloudy outside.”

What is a Chinook used for?

The Chinook is best known as a support helicopter operated from land bases or ships into a diverse range of environments.  

The RAF helicopters are primarily used for trooping, resupply and battlefield casualty evacuation.