A BROKEN heating valve that has left a Droitwich resident's bedroom feeling "like an oven" is still yet to be fixed despite a wait of more than two months.

Steve Gough, from The Herriotts in Droitwich, raised the issue with Platform Housing back in March but has been left waiting by the company ever since.

Mr Gough's radiators do not turn off due to a fault with a valve that was not initially detected when Platform first inspected his property.

It has left the 71-year-old, who is partially sighted and recovering from a recent stroke, frustrated that he has been made to wait far longer than he would have liked.

"I made the first complaint about it to support workers on March 6," he said.

"When I turn the heating off at the wall, the radiators don't go off.

"I have to get my son to come down from Birmingham just to try and turn off the radiators.

"I shouldn't have to get him to do their job.

"The operations manager phoned the people who were supposed to come out and look at it, but I have been waiting two months and it's not good enough.

"I just want them to come out and fix it."

Mr Gough said he has had no form of contact from Platform about the problem for what he believes is a one-hour job.

"It's not right, I've had no contact from them whatsoever," he said.

"I had to put the valve on to show a person from Platform that it needed changing as he was telling me that it didn't.

"The support workers have been marvellous helping me make the phone calls, but I'm angry because Platform can't get the job done."

Mr Gough said that due to being partially sighted he is unable to see the nozzle to turn off the heating.

The heat generated from the radiators means Mr Gough has to leave his bedroom window open at night.

"The job needs doing, I shouldn't have to wait this long.

"I have to open the window in my bedroom to get cool air into the room.

"Support workers have said it's like an oven in there."

A spokesperson from the Platform Housing Group said: “We’re sorry to hear about the heating issue that has continued to cause Mr Gough problems in his home.

"We’re currently working with him to book a convenient date in the diary to come and resolve it.”