With the sun at last starting to rear its head, the best value supermarket to host a barbecue has been revealed.

As the cost of living crisis continues, money-savvy shoppers are looking for ways to cut costs and get the most for their money, which has prompted BusinessNameGenerator.com to crunch the numbers to see which supermarket is the most cost-effective for hosting a barbecue.

The study ranked supermarkets based on the prices of traditional barbecue items such as burgers, buns, sausages, hotdogs, salads, cheese, and condiments.



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The results found Tesco was the most budget-friendly option, at a cost of £1.49 per person.

This means, for a family of four or five, the total cost would only be around £8.03.

Monetary calculations revealed that burgers cost 65p per patty, and cheese slices a mere 6p each.

Trailing closely behind Tesco, Aldi secured second place, with an average price per person of £1.54 or a total of £8.27.

The German budget supermarket offers sausages for just 16p each and burger buns at 18p each.

The third spot was captured by Morrisons with a slightly higher average price of £1.62 per person.

The supermarket's offerings included affordable BBQ essentials like 90p ketchup bottles and 89p six-pack burger buns.

Rounding out the lineup in joint fourth place were Asda and Sainsbury’s, both with an average price of £1.77 per person.

The total price for an Asda BBQ shop came up slightly higher at £9.55 as compared to Sainsbury's average total of £9.40.