County councillors are being urged to approve the development of the M5.

They are due to decide on whether to advance the development of the M5 junction nine and A46 (Ashchurch) Transport Scheme and the Mass Rapid Transit Transport Scheme.

Cabinet will make a decision on Wednesday, May 15.



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The plans are to build a new or altered M5 junction close to Tewkesbury and alter the current A46 route around Ashchurch to Teddington Hands roundabout.

The scheme aims to provide a more fitting alternative route for traffic, particularly long-distance heavy goods vehicles in efforts to enhance transport links and improve the environment and air quality by providing opportunity for more walking, cycling and public transport options.

Reduction in noise and traffic congestion for residents and businesses in the area is also expected.

Additionally, the council has said it would facilitate economic growth by providing a suitable route for long-distance traffic between the south-west and Midlands.

The scheme is part of the council’s ambition to enhance connectivity with central Gloucestershire, and stimulate a fundamental change in travel within the region.

Plans are to deliver an efficient, and reliable transport network while reducing congestion and decarbonising the transport system.

Cllr David Gray, cabinet member for environment and planning, said: "The A46 is one of the country’s most important trade routes and a strategic link between the south-west and the Midlands.

"We know that more than half of the traffic using the existing A46 through Ashchurch during peak periods is long-distance through-traffic.

"Our proposals would provide an alternative, more suitable route for these vehicles.

"In turn, this will also improve traffic flow and air quality while delivering substantial economic benefits and enabling development opportunities locally and regionally."

He added: "The Mass Rapid Transit Transport Scheme will deliver economic, environmental and efficiency benefits and accommodate our ambitious targets for sustainable housing growth from Local Plans.

"Further development of the business case means we can also continue to build the momentum towards our decarbonisation goals.”

Non-statutory public consultation would follow on potential scheme options, which would then be included in the strategic outline business case and submitted to the Department for Transport.