A new study has found that over four in five UK tradespeople experience mental health problems due to work-related issues.

The research, commissioned by IronmongeryDirect for Mental Health Awareness Week, found that 82 per cent of workers in the trade industry face some form of mental health issues, such as stress, anxiety, or depression, due to workplace difficulties.

More than half (56 per cent) of the participants reported experiencing some type of mental health issue every month, with 27 per cent feeling symptoms weekly.


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There is a glint of hope within these findings; both these figures are somewhat lower than last year, indicating a slight positive trend within the industry.

The cost of living crisis is the foremost cause of stress, affecting the mental health of over a third (34 per cent) of tradespeople.

This has seen a reduction when compared to last year's report, which stood at 39 per cent.

Other factors accounting for mental health issues among tradespeople include the rising cost of materials (32 per cent), poor work-life balance (24 per cent), physical work demands (12 per cent), and lack of professional recognition (10 per cent).

Also, 88 per cent of these tradespeople do not feel comfortable discussing their emotional distress.

Only 10 per cent have confided in friends or family about their mental health.

Moreover, some tradespeople (seven per cent) are concerned about colleagues' reactions to their revelations, and over a quarter (26 per cent) don't believe they can take time off due to mental health concerns.

To mitigate these issues, IronmongeryDirect has donated over £13,000 to Basildon Mind, a mental health charity.

Denise Kent, the charity's CEO, said: "One of the survey results that stood out to us was that so many workers, nine out of 10, didn’t know that our local Mind, and the other 103 local Minds all over the country, are here to provide the support, respect and help for everyone experiencing a mental health issue.

"It shows that the battle continues for Mental Health Awareness, and we urge everyone to join the fight so that there is a future where everyone can get quality mental health care when they need it.”