Insects and creatures in your home can be unnerving especially if you’ve got a phobia of spiders, for example.

If you’ve noticed spiders taking up residence in your home, you might be wondering how to prevent more coming to visit.

To help you, Zoflora has shared some tips to help keep spiders out of your home using scents – let’s take a look.

Scents you can put in your home to keep spiders out

Spiders are not keen on some strong scents so purposely putting these scents in and around your home could help them stay away.

Worcester News: Spiders dislike some strong smells so these can be used to keep them out of your home Spiders dislike some strong smells so these can be used to keep them out of your home (Image: Canva)

These scents include citrus and peppermint plus tea-tree and lavender. You can also use cinnamon and rose to deter them.

Zoflora suggests adding “15 to 20 drops of your chosen essential oil or a couple of capfuls of Zoflora fragrance to a spray bottle filled with water, and spritz around the house.”

It also advises keeping an eye out for places around your home which act as entry points for spiders, including windows and doors.

If you haven’t got essential oils or Zoflora in your house, you can also opt for vinegar but you’ll need to keep it away from any surfaces that are varnished and some fabrics as it could cause damage.

Spiders also don’t like cedar so things like cedar wood furniture or cedar wood blocks could be used to keep them away from your home.

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Zoflora recommends putting the cedar wood blocks in your garden and near entrances where spiders can access your house.

You can sand the blocks down when they start to lose their scent as this will strengthen it again.

For more tips to keep spiders out of your home, you can visit Zoflora’s website.