A former University of Worcester student has won a Royal Television Society Award for one of his projects.

Levi Lajtai, who studied Game Art and Animation, scooped up the prestigious Royal Television Society Award for Craft Editing for his final year project, 'Scratch'.

Scratch was inspired by a personal experience when he was back home in Hungary,

Mr Lajtai recalled: "I went back home, and my mother had recently moved to the countryside.

"I had a new room to settle into, and there were maybugs scurrying around through the brickwork around my room and I could hear them every single night, scratching through the concrete."

"I wanted to share that experience in the film, so it starts off quiet, like the dead of night, and then the bugs come in and it’s overwhelming."

Audiences seem to be agreeing, with Scratch already receiving high applause.

"People have been finding it amazing, they love the moments in the film when it makes you jump," he said.

Despite being nominated twice, Mr Lajtai didn’t anticipate victory on the night.

He said: "It was a moment of disbelief in my mind, there was a split second of complete silence, and then my friends were screaming as they realised, I’d won!"

Graduated in 2023, Mr Lajtai is raring for a career in animation, film, and television.

Mr Lajtai said: "The support from the University was there 100%.

"My tutor pushed me to send the work into the RTS."

His award-winning film 'Scratch' is available to view online.