Farmers could get their hands on £30,000 if they sign up for environmental grants before the deadline.

Severn Trent has urged farmers in the Worcestershire Middle Severn catchment to apply for the Severn Trent Environmental Protection Scheme (STEPS), with the Friday, May 31 deadline approaching.

The funding from the initiative will provide farmers with up to £20,000 of match funding to build pesticide washdown areas on their land.


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Additionally, farmers will receive £5,000 towards rainwater harvesting systems attached to these areas.

Dr Adam Freer, a senior catchment scientist at Severn Trent, explained that if projects are concluded within six months, an additional 25 per cent off the cost of the washdown project will be available, bringing the total grant to a potential £30,000.

He said: "We’re urging farmers to take advantage of our STEPS funding to build a washdown area and help protect water quality across the region."

The deadline for other STEPS funding options, aimed at a range of land management improvements, remains open until November 30.

Dr Freer added: “For example, we’ve seen the funds being put towards pesticide biofilters and precision GPS for pesticides and non-chemical weed control on grassland."