A "SWEETHEART" dog whose ears were painfully cropped to make her look tough has struggled with the judgment surrounding the illegal procedure.

Eadie, a pocket bully, was rescued by Worcestershire Animal Rescue Shelter, where they found she was the victim of illegal ear cropping.

The procedure is done to dogs to make them look tough by their owners, but doing so can affect the animal's ability to communicate.

Amie Jones, shelter operations manager, said Eadie now has to wear a specific harness because of the judgment that comes with the procedure someone in her past performed on her.

"She was sadly a victim of someone illegally cropping her ears," she said.

"It’s entirely unnecessary and has no benefit to an animal at all, and can be very painful for dogs.

"It was most likely performed on Eadie to make her look more tough.

"Well, Eadie is the biggest sweetheart and a complete joy and has stolen all of our hearts.

"As you can see, she wears a specific harness that we ordered her because of, sadly, the judgment that comes with the procedure someone in her past performed."

Eadie was shy and submissive when she arrived at Worcestershire Animal Rescue Shelter, which is just off Worcester Road in Newland, near Malvern.

She also had her nails so worn down that it caused speculation that she was placed in a kennel.

The shelter had now rehabilitated Eadie, and her happy ending is just around the corner.

She will be going under a foster-to-adopt scheme, and Ms Jones said her new family adores and advocates for her.

She added: "She’s been so wonderful to rehabilitate and her happy ending is just around the corner as she’s off to foster to adopt very soon with her new family that adores her and will advocate for her.

"We can’t wait to see her blossom in her new home.

"Be happy, Eadie. You really deserve it."