A MEDIC service was "flying by the seat of their pants" at a boxing event where a man died, an inquest heard.

The senior coroner made the remark after hearing that OBS Medics, who were at an Ultra White Collar Boxing event at Tramps nightclub, was missing medication which would have helped injured people.

Dominic Chapman, aged 26, died following the charity boxing event for Cancer Research after collapsing in the ring on April 9, 2022.

OBS Medics supplied the event with a paramedic, two-level three medics, medical equipment, medicine, and an ambulance.

However, the court heard today that some medication was missing.

The paramedic for the night, Alexander Gasper, said he noticed that diazepam was missing from the medication, a drug known to treat seizures, which can be a side effect of head injuries. 

Elizabeth O'Brien, regional manager at OBS Medics, confirmed that some medication was missing, but she could not say what was absent and what was present at the event.

Mrs O'Brien added: “The paramedic was not able to bring medication with him.

“At the time, we had a very limited supply of medication to use in terms of cardiac arrest and sent it to the medics to use at the event."

Mr Gasper confirmed that he believes the missing medication would not have helped in Mr Chapman's case but things could have played out differently.

"Take the diazepam I mentioned earlier," he told the court.

"He was at risk of a seizure, but at the event, he did not have a seizure, so we did not need it."

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Senior coroner David Reid questioned what would happen if a paramedic was unhappy with an event's arrangements and any risk assessments carried out.

Mrs O'Brien said the company would then withdraw its provisions from the event and it would be up to the event organiser to find new cover at short notice.

Mr Reid added: “Forgive me for saying, but it sounds like you are flying by the seat of your pants.

“You are relying on paramedics to be happy with the arrangements - it could put the whole event at risk.”

The inquest, which is now on its third day, continues.